Welcome to teaching.  Welcome to Caldwell County Schools.

Teaching is a challenging and rewarding career.  As a beginning teacher, you are coming to the classroom with content knowledge from your college and/or work experiences.  Shifting from the theoretical or from another field to the educational environment can be difficult.  Navigating the demands of the classroom as well as any coursework and testing you may be required to complete to gain a clear teaching license while also saving time for family and relaxation is not easy.  However, the Human Resource Department along with your administration and mentors are here to offer assistance along your path.  As you begin your journey, these documents will offer guidance in key areas for any beginning teacher, whether you are traditionally or alternatively certified. 


Please be sure to view the attached PowerPoint so that you will know our top ten expectations of the professional educator.



Great Beginning Seminars

In order to help you to be as prepared as possible for this journey, you are being offered a professional development series, specially designed for the beginning teacher.  These Great Beginnings Seminars will enable you to get off to a great beginning in the classroom.