Elementary School Counseling Survey

The school counselor(s) would like your assistance in an important project to help provide better service for the students.  Please complete the questionnaire below.

Items denoted with a red asterisk * are required.
 * Which school do you attend?
 * What is your position?

 * Student Grade Level

(If staff or parent, check all that apply)

 * Select the five topics you feel are most important for students


If you have other topics of importance, please list here.
For Parents and Faculty/Staff only.
Please rate each of the following counselor activities 1 to 5 according to student needs. (1 indicates no need and 5 indicates great need.)
Working with teachers to identify problems and develop strategies.
Working with parents (individually and in groups) concerning their children.
Being available for self-referrals from students.
Small-group counseling (problem-oriented).
Short-term, individual counseling for students with problems.
Assisting teachers with classroom guidance activities.