Renaissance Place

Renaissance Place - Accelerated Reader 

Renaissance Place is a computer web-based assisted reading program. It is a unique system for motivating children to read and for tracking student achievement. Students select and read books of their choice and take computerized tests when they finish reading. Books and tests at Baton range in reading level from kindergarten to tenth grade. Renaissance Place offers thousands of quizzes available for our students. The program keeps track of all tests taken and points earned for each participating student. The multiple-choice tests are made up of 5, 10, or 20 comprehension and recall questions. After completing the test, the student is shown how many questions were answered correctly. The program also shows the answer for questions missed. Points are awarded to the student's reading record and applied toward their set goals. 

Renaissance Place gives students instant information and reinforcement for their efforts. By basing reading points on three standards (quality, quantity, and reading level), Accelerated Reader challenges students to achieve and supports a literature-based reading program. Appropriate, independent goals can be set for each student--goals which will motivate them to reach their highest potential. We celebrate our achievements and successes with rewards for students reaching their goals. We must be careful, however, to stress that reading is an activity for pleasure and enrichment, and not done only for rewards.

Our students are working very hard to achieve their goals. They have become more confident readers and their achievements have carried over into other subject areas. Please encourage your child to participate in the Renaissance Place Reading Program. The focus is on reading and celebrating our achievements!


AR Guidelines for Baton


1.   Students will test in their zpd unless the book is read aloud by the teacher. (Students may read for pleasure outside their ZPD without testing.)

2.   Test limit: three times per day.  Student must pass the test in order to test on the next book.

3.   Student's goal is 85% average correct on quizzes. If necessary, students testing on nonfiction can choose books on the low end of their ZPD.

4.   Recognize students who have met 100% of their goal. (Use morning broadcast on Mondays)

5.   At the end of each grading period, students who have met their goals will be rewarded.

6.   Teachers will set goals with students, not for students. Teachers will use the "35 Min. Daily Practice" section of goal-setting chart as guidelines.

7.    Schedule 35 minutes of school reading time per day. In addition, teachers will assign 30 minutes of reading as homework in
grades K - 5.

8.   Students should not be allowed to look at their books during AR quizzes unless:

·   it is during instruction of how to take AR quizzes (but for no more than two weeks)

·   it is during instruction of how to read nonfiction and take those AR quizzes (but no more than two weeks)

·   students are emergent readers who read picture books

·   it is an intervention for an EC student.


Teachers should be looking at TOPS reports every day.
Every student should have a reading log that is checked daily and reviewed with the student at least once a week.

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