Job Vacancies

Caldwell County Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, or national origin.


Our certified and classified vacancies are updated twice daily. If you have questions about vacancies, please feel free to contact the Human Resource Services at 828-728-8407 Ext. 109. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about openings, the application process and licensure issues.

By clicking on the appropriate link, you are connected to the NC Public Schools website, which carries our current vacancy listings. Vacancies are listed in alphabetical order and specific detail information regarding each vacancy may be viewed by clicking on the position title. Choose the proper link as defined below:

Licensed: Select the 'Licensed' link if you wish to see a listing of vacancies which require a professional educator's license. Examples of Licensed positions include: Teacher, Principal, Assistant Principal, Superintendent, Media Coordinator, Counselor, School Social Worker, CTE Instructor, and Speech Pathologist.

Classified: Select the 'Classified' link if you wish to see a listing of vacancies which do not require a North Carolina educator's license. Examples of classified positions include: Teacher Assistant, Office Support, Tutor, Custodian, Child Nutrition Manager or Assistant, Maintenance Supervisor or Worker, and WrapAround Director or Assistant.

ALL: Select the 'ALL' link if you wish to see a complete listing of all current vacancies in the District. 

Internal Openings:  For Caldwell County Schools Employees Only

The Interview and Employment Process

When vacancies occur, interviews are arranged with selected applicants holding proper qualifications. The principal/hiring administrator screens applications and selects eligible candidates for interview. After interviewing these candidates, the principal/hiring administrator and his/her interview team makes a recommendation to the Associate Superintendent of Human Resource Services. Offers of employment are extended from Human Resource Services. The applicant, upon accepting the offer, then will be contacted by the Benefits Coordinator in Human Resource Services to schedule an Employee Sign Up Session. (This activity involves completing appropriate local, state and federal forms, and submitting to a criminal history record check.)


Online Application

You may submit an application on line at:
If you have any questions please contact the Human Resource Office Manager at .  
Thank you for your interest in Caldwell County Schools!