AIG Mission Statement  


The Caldwell County Schools Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted Program operates on the belief that we all must develop the maximum potential in all of our students. The gifted education program offers a continuum of services that includes screening and nurturing to promote and support the academic achievement of all students while providing appropriate educational opportunities for the academically and/or intellectually gifted child, who performs or shows the potential to perform at substantially higher levels of accomplishment when compared with others of the same age, experience, or environment.  Through differentiated instruction and academic rigor, we are committed to challenging gifted students to excel to their highest levels of success.




 The goal of the screening process is to ensure a thorough search among all Caldwell County students for potentially gifted students, who are possibly qualified for and in need of the AIG program's services. 

This pool of potential students is further screened to determine students for whom referrals will be made for possible identification. 

Screening is the stage where steps are taken to locate and place in a talent pool all potentially eligible students. The screening of Caldwell County Schools is multidimensional, inclusive, and relevant for students at different grade levels.







Nurturing Grades K-2









As gifted potential is observed, students are

nurtured in direct relationship to their needs. 

 Nurturing is a fluid and flexible process of

providing advanced learning opportunities to

students as needed.



Although students are nurtured without formal

identification, identification may be deemed

appropriate when nurturing needs exceed the

capability of the regular classroom setting after

differentiation has been implemented.

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Caldwell County Schools Placement Criteria for AIG Services Grades 3-8


Pathway One

Must meet one criteria





Pathway Two

Must meet all three criteria







Pathway Three

Must meet four out of five criteria




Student Motivation

Student Performance


Above and Beyond



Caldwell County Schools


Intellectually Gifted Program



For more information on AIG identification and services, contact the AIG Specialist at your child's school.


Joy Warlick, AIG Specialist

Baton Elementary