Guidelines for Field Trips

Title I Funding

While field trips are allowed expenses for Title I funds, the guidelines are now more restrictive.

  • All field trips should relate to the needs outlined in the Needs Assessment.
  • All field trips must be aligned to one of the ten required components of the Title I Plan.
  • All trips must have a direct tie to the literacy (reading/writing) and/or math curriculum in efforts to improve AYP results in those areas.
  • Science and Social Studies are not allowable funding areas for Title I.
  • End-of-the-year field trips should be limited and must include the guidelines listed above.
  • Trips for students who take End of Grade tests (especially grade 5 and grade 8) should take place during the year for measurable impact on AYP.
  • Title I field trips may not be used as incentives or rewards for select groups of students.
  • Documentation for field trips should include the correlation to the Standard Course of Studies along with a description of pre- and post-activities.