The Baton Elementary Safety Patrol consists of staff nominated 5th grade students. Members are selected based on academic achievement, good behavior and exceptional attendance. Safety Patrol Members are located at various posts throughout the building from 7:30-7:55 every morning. The primary duty of Safety Patrol Members is to ensure that students are safe and orderly in the hallways each morning. Safety Patrol members model and enforce excellent hallway behavior on a peer-to-peer basis. Safety Patrol Members participate on a volunteer basis with parental approval and staff supervision.

Requirements for Safety Patrol Participation
  • The student must be in 5th grade
  • Teacher recommendations based on 5th grade teachers.
  • In addition to meeting scholastic requirements, recommendations are based on worthy and commendable attitude.
  • The student must be a good role model and a person who enjoys helping others, in addition to being attentive and alert to safety issues.
  • The student must be reliable and dependable to be able to keep to schedule.
  • The student must have a good attendance/tardy/early departure record through their tenure at Baton.
  • If any faculty, staff, parent or student raises a concern about a safety patrol student in the carrying out of his/her duties or otherwise, this concern will be brought before the Safety Patrol Committee made up of faculty and safety patrol students.

Every Safety Patrol Member must read and sign the Safety Patrol Handbook.
Please see Mrs. Sally Beck for a copy of the handbook if you have misplaced yours.