ProStart 1 Final Exam Review Resources

You will find below all the documents, links and other things you need to prepare yourself for the final exam.

Attached to this box are some documents on how to study. Read the documents and apply the concepts.

STUDY 10 MINUTES EVERY DAY at the least. You will be amazed at how much better you will do in school if you just study a little bit every day.

20 minutes is better.

And hard work does pay off in school and in life.

Some simple advice

The way you prepare for a high-stakes final exam is to begin to get ready days or weeks in advance.

Look below for a document with some advice on how to study.

Also, find a document with some advice on test-taking tips.

As far as preparing for the ProStart exam, consider the following strageties.

Use the questions at the end of the sections in the chapters to test your recall of the material.

Look online or get a practice test. Take it and score it. Look over chapters, notes and read only about questions you missed. You don't need to study stuff about questions you got right. You know the material for questions you got correct.

Make flashcards for all the formulas and study them. There will be formula questions on the test.

Links to Review Materials by Chapter

Chapter 1 History of Foodservice and Basics of Hospitality Industry

Chapter 2 Keeping Food Safe

Chapter 3 Workplace Safety

Chapter 4 Kitchen Essentials 1
(professionalism, formulas, standardized recipes, measuring and portioning)

Chapter 5 Kitchen Essentials 2
(Equipment, preparation techniques, knives and knife cuts, mise en place, cooking, serving and storing food, nutrition) 

Chapter 6 Stocks, Sauces and Soups

Chapter 7 Communication in the Workplace

Chapter 8 Management Essentials

Chapter 9 Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter 10 Serving Your Guests

Chapter 11 Potatoes and Grains

Chapter 12 Building a Successful Career in the Industry

Webpages for self-tests or review

Quizlet with 90 Questions for review 

Comprehensive Key Terms List Whole Course (452)

The "Go ProStart" link below has practice tests for you to do on the entire curriculum.

 Go ProStart Webpage