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Thanks for all your support!

Our School Supply List for 2016-2017 is Attached below!  We look forward to seeing everyone at Orientation on Tuesday, August 23rd from 4 - 7pm.  All parents will come to the Media Center to sign in and have a brief welcome prior to visiting classrooms.  Sign in times are 4pm, 4:10pm, 4:20pm, 4:30pm, 4:40pm, 4:50pm, 5pm, 5:10pm, 5:20pm, 5:30pm, 5:40pm, 5:50pm, 6pm, 6:10pm, 6:20pm, 6:30pm, 6:40pm, and 6:50pm. 

 Austin Blevins BBQ Benefit

Spring PTO RaffleTickets on sale May 11- 24! 

Each student is bringing home 10 tickets.  If your child doesn't want to participate, please return the tickets to his/her homeroom teacher.  If you want more than 10, turn in your money and request 10 more through homeroom teachers.  The raffle drawing will be May 24th at 6:30pm at our Spring Band/Chorus Concert.  Tickets will be available for purchase until the drawing. 

The top selling students must have all tickets and money turned in by 3pm on May 23rd to be considered for the prizes.  Anyone that would like to buy raffle tickets and hasn't been asked by a student, feel free to stop by the school office!

What are we raffling? 

  • 1st Prize - 49 inch LG LED Flat Screen TV
  • 2nd Prize - 7 inch Samsung Tablet
  • 3rd Prize - $50 (paid by check)

The top 3 selling students win!  

  • 1st Prize - $25 (paid by check)
  • 2nd Prize - $15 (paid by check)
  • 3rd Prize - $10 (paid by check) 

Please click the link below to complete our Annual Title 1 Survey.  This is our first year using an electronic survey and have also shared the link on our facebook site.  If you know of someone who would like a paper copy of the survey, please ask them to contact the school office.  We are looking forward to all of our responses to help plan for the upcoming school year.  

Title 1/No Child Left Behind Parent Survey 

Our final Title 1 Parent Advisory Council Meeting to present the budget and plans for the upcoming school year will be at 6:20pm on Tuesday, May 24th prior to the Spring Band/Chorus Concert, PTO Final Meeting, and Raffle Drawing at 6:30pm.  We look forward to seeing everyone on the 24th.