Upcoming Events:  
-Boy Scout Sign ups & Parent Meeting on Sept. 4th from 6 pm -7:30 pm.
-K-2 Parent Night on Sept. 9th from 6 pm - 7 pm.
-PTO Meeting on Sept 9th at 7 pm.
-Girl Scout Sign ups & Parent Meeting on Sept. 15th from 6:30 pm - 8 pm.
-3-5 Parent Night on Sept. 16th from 6 pm - 7 pm.
-Book Fair & Grandbuddy Lunch Week Sept. 15th - 19th.

**2014-2015 School Calendar**


GFES is Proud of Our J.A.M. Students!

The link below takes you to the NC Music Educators Facebook Page where Caldwell County J.A.M. Kids are specially featured. Seven Caldwell County students went to Raleigh on Wednesday, May 21st, to perform as part of "Arts Day" in an effort to support funding for the arts by our state legislators. We are very proud of our three students from GFES who participated. Eathan Morrow, and Sophie and Josie Van De Klashorst performed with the other Caldwell County J.A.M. students in a 10-song set for 30 minutes (without notes or prompts) for one of the largest crowds that day.  The students had their picture taken with Edgar Starnes-who was beaming with pride and they also toured the Museum of Natural Sciences to complete their experience.

NC Music Educators Facebook Page

Photo by Adrienne Roellgen, Programs Coordinator of the Caldwell Arts Council

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